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Samsung Easy Document Creator Windows, Mac OS

  • Scanning with Samsung Easy Document Creator

Samsung Easy Document Creator

Samsung Easy Document Creator App is a type of software to help users scan, compile, and store documents in a variety of formats, including .epub. Easily sharing your important documents directly through social networking sites / faxes and sharing scanned images, Samsung Easy Document Creator will give you the necessary tools. Samsung Easy Document Creator has several features that include the following:

  • Image Scanning: Scanning a single image / mulitple
  • Document Scanning: Scan a document with text/text or an image
  • SNS Upload:  It’s easy to upload the images you want to scan, existing images to various social networking sites
  • E-Book Conversion: With the ability to scan multiple documents as an eBook, it also converts existing files into eBook format
  • Book Scanning: Scan books with a flatbed scanner
  • Text Converting:  Scan documents that need to be saved in editable text format
  • Plug-in: Scan, fax, and convert to E-Book directly from Microsoft Office programs

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Samsung Easy Document Creator
Samsung Software Download (Windows, Mac OS)

Setup Scanning with Samsung Easy Document Creator

  1. Make sure that placing one document face down on the document glass, then close the document feeder, load the document into the face of the document feeder
  2. Please select Program / All Programs:
    Windows 8 (attraction, select Search, Apps folder, Samsung, Samsung folder easily document creators)
    For Mac users (please go to the application folder, Samsung folder, Samsung Easy Document Creator)
  3. Click Samsung Printer, Samsung Easy start Document Creator
  4. Click Scan from the home screen
  5. Make sure that to select the type of scan / Favorites, click Start
  6. Make adjustments to the image (if necessary), then Scan settings, and other options
  7. Click Scan to scan the image, Prescan, to preview another image
  8. Option to Save to location, send to E-mail / send to social networking sites
  9. Click Save to save the image scan, send/share
  10. Click OK

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