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Samsung MobilePrint Application Mobile OS Android / iOS

Samsung MobilePrintSamsung MobilePrint for Samsung devices connected free application offers users to easily complete important tasks from almost anywhere printing photos, documents, and web pages, In addition to printing photos, web pages, and PDFs, scanning, when the user has a Samsung multifunction printer, scan any document into PNG, JPG/PDF format for quick and easy viewing directly from Smartphone / Tablet.

What is Samsung MobilePrint? this is the type of application that connects your mobile device to a network-connected Samsung Printer, to a wireless printer via a Wi-Fi access point, samsung mobileprint app is not only to be compatible with Smartphones Android, iOS, it is also with iPod Touch, tablet PC, by connecting your mobile device to a Samsung printer connected to a network or to a wireless printer through a Wi-Fi access point.

How to Install new drivers/configure network settings without having to be required, just simply install the Samsung MobilePrint application, then automatically detect compatible Samsung printers.

Downloading Samsung MobilePrint

To download Samsung MobilePrint, please go to the Samsung Apps app store, Play Store, App Store on your mobile device, follow these steps, just search for “Samsung MobilePrint.” You can even visit iTunes for Apple devices.

Supported Mobile OS

Android OS 2.1 or higher
iOS 4.0 or higher

Supported devices

iOS 4.0 or higher: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
Android 2.1 or higher: Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, Galaxy Tab series, Galaxy Camera series, and Android mobile device

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Samsung Series Print & Scan Software

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